Connecting with Purpose

The need for connection has never been stronger. Connection that aligns business and personal purpose with commercial realities is the ultimate pinnacle of effective communication.

Kirsty James is a well-known and respected networking specialist, communication and relationship-marketing expert who uses the power of connection and conversation to enable personal and business growth and community engagement.

Committed to ‘Connecting with Purpose’, Kirsty offers award-winning expertise that can improve the effectiveness of your internal and external networking, communication and connection.

Kirsty is committed to quality engagement and relationship-building; the personal and professional growth and development of team members; and to making a difference to local communities.

Kirsty has invested over 20 years in building business relationships. Her interpersonal and communication skills broker new connection opportunities for clients, as well as staff.

Values-led and committed to success

As a fiercely committed community champion who has spearheaded several award-winning projects, Kirsty assesses the values and social impact of the projects she undertakes and the teams she works with to ensure alignment with her core business values of collaboration, connection and community.

Known as a “humble dynamo of energy”, when Kirsty commits to a project, whether it be business or community focused, she is loyal to her clients and committed to successful outcomes.

How Kirsty helps

Kirsty specialises in effective business communication and relationship-marketing using the power of networking.

Her style of consultancy is appropriate for those who enjoy working with a fair and values-driven individual who works efficiently and with candour. Kirsty prides herself on being a growth enabler, connector of people and problem-solver by introducing people to the right contacts to solve their personal or business challenges.

Educated, experienced and connected, Kirsty will boost your communication and relationship-building skills, both internally and externally.

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