Qualified and experienced in both business and marketing, Kirsty is a relationship-marketing expert with exceptional networking and communication skills and a strong project management track record.

Kirsty specialises in delivering marketing services that focus on relationship-building, engagement and profile, brand and identity building.

Integral to her expertise is her ability to generate creative ideas and problem-solve, backing up ideas with relevant contacts to assist further.

Marketing and business development services fall into three distinct areas.

Project Management

Providing marketing project management where you need extra resource, expertise or accountability in the absence of or in addition to any in-house marketing support.


Strategic reviews and development of the marketing resources you have and may need in your business, particularly for the purpose of in-person and social networking.


Idea generation and problem solving to boost business planning and growth via connections, resources, training, funding, investment, lead generation and referrals.

Kirsty has helped hundreds of businesses, via their marketing and engagement projects, to grow and problem-solve by providing ideas, resources and strategic direction. Kirsty is resourceful, collaborative and innovative.

Her style of consultancy is appropriate for those who enjoy with a fair and values-driven individual who works efficiently and with candour. Kirsty prides herself on being a growth enabler, connector of people and problem-solver by introducing people to the right contacts to solve their personal or business challenges.

In the words of many who work with Kirsty, it is her strong moral leadership that differentiates and drives the business. She fosters a ‘pay it forward’ culture, fuelled by a desire to support the business and wider community.

Educated, experienced and connected, Kirsty will boost your business success. If she doesn’t have the direct answer to your business challenges, she will know someone who does.

Resourceful and attentive to detail

Whether managing teams of volunteers on community projects, planning commercial events with high-profile speakers and complex content, or designing and writing the content for a client’s marketing portfolio, Kirsty’s resourcefulness and consideration is evident – from strategic planning through to the fine detail.

Skilled in managing project and event teams, often comprising diverse personalities, skillsets and values, Kirsty is attentive to detail, time-efficient and productive and diplomatic in her style of people management.

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