There’s always a story!

There are stories behind why we set up in business and do what we do. 

There are stories about our products and services, projects and clients. 

And there are personal stories that reveal our identity and values.

Weaving these altogether into the fabric of how we present ourselves when marketing in order to build a strong networking identity is where stories can become our biggest ally.

Here are a few of Kirsty’s.

Connecting with Purpose

Lover of travel, community, connecting folk and being busy.

Huge supporter of community engagement and CSR, promoting cross-sector project work and associate collaborations, she has fundraised thousands for various regional causes over the years and been the catalyst for other people's success and wellbeing.

Into authentic business and community networking.

Wife, mum of three, and with personal and business interests that involve charities, languages and family wellbeing via parental education events.

Success in Numbers

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Networking Matters

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