How would you rate the communication and relationship-building skills of your staff, both internally within their teams and externally when networking, managing clients and liaising with stakeholders?

Internally, effective team communication may be challenged by disparate working locations due to remote working arrangements, generational preferences and personality.

Externally, building meaningful and trustworthy connection, through face-to-face and online networking, is a strategy for building collaboration, referrals and a strong opportunity pipeline. 

Kirsty runs skill training workshops covering networking, team-building and communication

Connection and Relationship-building training falls into three distinct areas


Group workshops for your staff to improve their networking skills and build stronger professional relationships and networking identity, both at events and internally.


Fun group sessions you can include in internal events or conferences that build connection, understanding and
collaboration between team members.


Interactive workshops for your staff that explore personality and behavioural preferences in order to adapt and
improve team communication.

Effective Communication and Relationship-building

Networking and professional relationship-building skills are an expected and valuable soft skill and yet not always taught. Staff may be increasingly thrown into scenarios where they’re told to network with colleagues, clients or other external parties without the confidence and  skillset to represent themselves and the business effectively.

Using 17 years of networking and relationship-marketing expertise, Kirsty provides training and support to improve communication skills, facilitate connection with purpose and boost confident personal identity.

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